GCNA 50th Anniversary

Gold Coast Neighbors June 21st was a splendid evening for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of GCN which was held at the Chicago History Museum. Guests were invited to tour two private homes in the Gold Coast before the gala. Richard Driehaus, owner of 1401 Dearborn and Richard and Peggy Schulze, homewners of 1422 N. State Parkway, graciously opened their homes and we thank them again. Their contribution to this event helped make our event so special.

The setting at the Chicago History Museum was perfect for the celebration. The Chicago Room and Garden proved to be a wonderful location. Flowers and candles were everywhere on the beautifully appointed tables. The live music of the Mark Burnell Trio provided a wonderful backdrop for the nearly 400 friends and guests who attended.

It was the incredible effort of the President, Chair, Co-Chairs and Committee who made this event so memorable.

Happy Anniversary Gold Coast Neighbors!